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Consulting Services

We'll be the staff you wish you had.

Take your business to the next level with Holland Newton marketing & consulting services. We will help you with marketing and sales department training, analytics, and market, customer and employee research. We also specialize in business operations, websites, logo design, branding, and messaging. Our experienced team of experts will focus on your needs and will help connect the dots for your success in today's competitive market.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive.

Holland Newton

"We've done 4 projects with Holland so far and won't hesitate for the next. His team is worth every penny. They're serious about listening to needs and can minimize our blindspots without compromising the the value and contributions of our own team."

Erin Wall

Most popular services:

Understanding customers has never been more important. We help you with customer research based on your goals, business type, background and access to customers. Whether you're looking for a quick survey, personalized interviews or a full blown HVM, we will get you the data you need.

Save time and money and avoid institutional bias by using us to deeply understand your best customers. Click here for specifics.


Starting at $250

"The insights we gained by doing this deeper research helped us focus on the customers that actually matter and to stop wasting resources on what we 'thought' mattered." 

James Abram

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We help businesses of all sizes improve their brand and its position in the market. Covering everything from creating a brand to developing a sound market strategy, we've got what you need.


We know your brand is more than just a logo - It's a promise to your customers and what sets you apart from the competition. Click here to learn more.

Starting at just $125

"So much effort was wasted by not communicating concisely what our brand was and by not knowing our audience. This partnership helped us align all that we were trying to do and ultimately increase sales!" 

Emma Svenson

The best customer service is more than just a department or a catchphrase - it's a culture. And it’s deeply entrenched in everything your employees do. It's the way you do business and it's the way your customers connect with you. 


Our tailored training equips your leaders and staff with essential skills and knowledge that they need to provide top-notch service that exceeds customer expectations. Learn more here.

Rows of sunflowers

Starting at $250

"I really liked how you taught our staff to balance customer concerns without giving away all of the companies resources. We now use 'Sorry For The Trouble' all the time."

Mark Snow

NEW: Help Going Remote

With nearly a decade of being remote and managing remote teams, we've had a lot of requests to help other orgs transition or improve their hybrid and remote set-ups.

We get to know your team, goals, culture, etc. and then work side-by-side with you to make your work environment a market leader. Learn more here.

"I knew we needed to transition, but didn't know where to start. Thanks for tying our existing culture to our new goals of creating a place that would attract and retain the best employees while giving them the autonomy to really excel."

Matt Bright

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Starting at $125

More Info

A message from Holland:

We take pride in our comprehensive approach to delivering exceptional services. As the primary provider, I personally oversee the full range of projects listed on this page. For larger-scale projects, I select and collaborate with a select team of highly skilled professionals who share this commitment to excellence. Rest assured, I will be your main point of contact throughout our engagement, ensuring seamless communication and a deep understanding of your unique needs. If there is a request that is outside our wheelhouse, I will be upfront about that and make any suggestions or referrals possible so that you can have the most success.

About Me:

With 19 years of experience in operations, marketing and communications, I have worked across various business models, including in-house, outsourced, and contract work. I have contributed to startup ventures both in consumer products and professional services. Throughout my career, I have gained valuable insights by undertaking management roles such as hiring, training, mentoring, and managing employee terminations. My educational background includes studying design, strategy and branding with a focus on cognitive dissonance for my master's degree. I am eager to understand more about you and your unique requirements. Reach out any time :)

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