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Research Options

The best companies are able to lean into research to gauge success, prepare for the future and make adjustments. We have experience in conducting the following types of research. Connect with us to help us understand your objectives so we can get you the data you need to succeed.


  • Surveys

  • Interviews

  • Hierarchical Value Map - HVM (Our most popular service) 

  • Observation

  • User/Customer Testing

  • Feedback Loops

  • Market Research

  • Data Analysis

When you partner with us, we will help you define your goals, choose the right method(s), validate the data, analyze the results carefuly and make suggestions on how to take action

HVM Research Package

An HVM is a research tool that will help you understand the needs and wants of your customers. It shows the customer journey from initial awareness through to total fandom. More importantly, it uncovers the specific motivations and desires they have when interacting with your company. We delve into the deep feelings they derive by being a repeat customer of yours and then turn that into an easily digestible report, so you can adjust and grow even faster.


When finished, you will receive a simple visual representation and report. These interviews typically focus on your ideal customers, but they can also be used to learn about your detractors and even your competitors' customers. HVMs can also be involve interviews with employees or other organizational stakeholders. 


Our HVM is a powerful tool for understanding your customers’ needs and wants. It can help you identify the key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty. It often helps you to identify opportunities to improve your products and services.


Benefits of our HVM research:


  • Increased alignment across your organization

  • Improved decision-making 

  • Enhanced focus on the organization's most important resources

  • Strengthened communication within the organization

  • Quicker innovation 

  • Better customer satisfaction

  • More engaged employees

  • Increased sales and revenue

  • Specific language used by customers can then be used in communication to them

  • Deeper understanding of what your ideal customer looks like and what they’re looking for from you


By using our proven methods, you’ll save time, energy and money instead of trying to find this information out on your own. Plus you won’t be hampered by institutional bias.

Starting Rate: $4975

Estimated turnaround: 3-5 weeks


Connect with us today with your questions or to get started:

text/call: 573-489-7640

  • What does HVM mean?
    It stands for Hierarchical Value Map and provides the levels a customer wants, needs and interacts with your brand and products/services. On a basic level, it helps to understand not just the features of what you offer, but also the benefits. Then it ties those benefits to the perception and experience of your customer.
  • What do you need from us?
    Access to your audience - emails are best Background of what you’ve tried in the past and what info about the audience you think you already know
  • What does the process typically look like?
    Brief conversation with you about your goals and expectations Agreement executed Access given to top 100-500 customers identified Email sent to potential interviewees sent with times where customers can sign up for an interview Once a time slot has been selected, we connect with the interviewee and assign “homework” to prepare them for the interview Interview is conducted - usually 45-60 minutes Data is analyzed and collated Values are mapped Results presented back to you with Q&A and suggestion
  • Do you have any examples from other clients?
    Event company: Initially, they thought their best customers were interested in their services because of the topic of the event, timing and flexibility. While those were contributing factors, we uncovered that their best customers valued the community they felt, the aspect that the events were tied to specific charities and that they didn’t have to be a specific type of person to feel welcome. They put more focus into their community by creating private facebook groups, partnering with more renown charities and were inclusive. They saw sales increase in the quarter following our HVM by 25% and “more importantly, stopped pursuing some products that didn’t align with what was discovered in the HVM” (as explained by the CMO). Fitness App: Initially, they thought their repeat customers came back time and again because they saw results and thought the prices were competitive. Results and fair prices were appreciated by the customers, but they really found that the accountability that the product provided was most important. They also found the system fun and were willing to pay more for it because it kept them engaged. Several customers said that the way the app showed their workouts, that it was a “visual representation of progress”. This was just as important as results and the marketing messages were able to use that type of language to attract new customers. “So many fitness products focus so heavily on the end result, we found that by focussing on the customer and how just making positive steps is what our ideal customers really want” (quote from CEO). Gym: This HVM focussed on customers that were members less than 2 years but always paid on time and visited the club at least 5 times per month. The sales team was convinced that group fitness, childcare and the pool were integral to why these members continued. We tested that theory and found that while those were important factors to the pitch on the initial tour, they were not as important in the repeat visits by the members. Instead, they found the kindness of the front desk staff vital. Also, these customers expected equipment to be clean and rarely in need of repair. They also were okay with busy times as long as they didn’t have to wait too long for the equipment they preferred to use. “We used the findings to enhance our tour and prompt certain questions from potential customers. We since have gotten better at understanding the unique needs of the customer and tailoring our pitch to them and setting the best expectation for them” (Sales Manager).
  • Do your clients hire you for other projects?
    Yes. We often consult with directors on how to fast-track the findings for quicker turnaround and better results.
  • How will the findings of the HVM be presented and communicated to the executive team?
    We prefer to present the findings in-person or through video chat.
  • What's the deal with the geode image?
    Embarking on customer research is akin to unlocking the hidden gems within a geode. Like the unassuming exterior of the stone, customers hold valuable insights and preferences that are just waiting to be discovered. Just as a geode reveals its true beauty when cracked open, conducting thorough research allows us to delve deep into the core of customer behavior, motivations and needs. We've just scratched the surface with this analogy... we'd love to hear other meanings you've come up with!
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