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HVM Research Package

An HVM is a research tool that will help you understand the needs and wants of your customers. It shows the customer journey from initial awareness through to total fandom. More importantly, it uncovers the specific motivations and desires they have when interacting with your company. We delve into the deep feelings they derive by being a repeat customer of yours and then turn that into an easily digestible report, so you can adjust and grow even faster.


When finished, you will receive a simple visual representation and report. These interviews typically focus on your ideal customers, but they can also be used to learn about your detractors and even your competitors' customers. HVMs can also be involve interviews with employees or other organizational stakeholders. 


Our HVM is a powerful tool for understanding your customers’ needs and wants. It can help you identify the key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty. It often helps you to identify opportunities to improve your products and services.


Benefits of our HVM research:


  • Increased alignment across your organization

  • Improved decision-making 

  • Enhanced focus on the organization's most important resources

  • Strengthened communication within the organization

  • Quicker innovation 

  • Better customer satisfaction

  • More engaged employees

  • Increased sales and revenue

  • Specific language used by customers can then be used in communication to them

  • Deeper understanding of what your ideal customer looks like and what they’re looking for from you


By using our proven methods, you’ll save time, energy and money instead of trying to find this information out on your own. Plus you won’t be hampered by institutional bias.

Starting Rate: $4975

Estimated turnaround: 3-5 weeks


Connect with us today with your questions or to get started:

text/call: 573-489-7640

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